Radiation and cell phone – is there a risk?

Brain Tumors from Cell Phones and Transmission Masts? For years, critics have been warning of rays that are associated with modern technology. We are mainly talking about electromagnetic radiation, which can trigger a number of cancers. For example, scientists warn frequent users in particular of the frequent use of cell phones. But is this warning justified and what about modern smartphones?

What is behind the warnings?

One of the more recent triggers for discussions about cancer among people who use the phone a lot is the judgment of an Italian judge in 2017, who attributed a man’s cancer to frequent work-related phone calls. The manager worked for a telephone company and made calls for several hours a day over a period of 15 years. He developed a tumor in the ear that had to be operated on. The patient was then deaf in the affected ear. The manager sued his employer and the judges confirmed the connection between the serious illness and the frequent telephone calls. But can that be true?

Mobile phones work via electromagnetic radiation. This radiation naturally also reaches humans. It is true that risks can arise from this. In order to prevent this from happening, there are limit values ​​for radiation that are set by law and are referred to as the SAR value. SAR stands for: Specific absorption rate. New generation phones have a SAR of 0.10 and 1.99W / Kg (power per mass). You can call up the values ​​of your mobile phone from the manufacturer. However, the point at which a health risk arises with intensive use is controversial. So that the questions can be finally answered, intensive research has been going on for years. Until clear results are available, there will still be certain uncertainties and this also applies to transmission towers and base stations of cordless phones. In the case of the Italian mentioned above, the lawyers were certain that the phone was the trigger. It is not known whether other risk factors have been added. A number of scientists believe that a lot of cell phone use can increase the risk of cancer, but in itself is not the cause of tumor diseases.

Precautions to reduce radiation exposure

Always pay attention to a low SAR value when buying a cell phone. If you use the phone a lot, use a headset. So the phone is further away from your head, which reduces the radiation exposure. Do not carry the cell phone directly on your body, but rather in a pocket. Radiation protection films are popular and they are also suitable for reducing radiation. However, you also interfere with the reception. This in turn ensures that the cell phone shines more strongly in order to establish a connection at all. Against this background, their use is problematic. But there are other methods you can use to protect yourself.

Do not place the cell phone next to the bed, but as far away as possible. Regardless of how strongly a cell phone really shines or not, the risk is definitely higher for children than for adults. Make sure that children do not carry the cell phone with them all the time. Otherwise, do not place any electronic devices in children’s rooms if possible.


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