What exercises to do at home to stay active

Today it is a proven fact that physical exercise has important benefits for people’s health . According to the World Health Organization (WHO), its practice influences the prevention of numerous diseases. In fact, physical inactivity is estimated to be the primary cause of approximately 21% -25% of breast and colon cancers.

In the case of people with cancer, moderate physical exercise (always prescribed by the oncology specialist, and adapted by qualified professionals to the patient’s particular situation) also has a therapeutic effect that contributes to alleviating many sequelae of oncology treatments , such as fatigue, vomiting, or loss of muscle mass. In addition to helping to keep the body strong and improve the mood to face these treatments.

Home Exercise Recommendations for Cancer Patients

As Soraya Casla, head of the Oncological Physical Exercise Unit of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Madrid, points out : “staying active is going to be very important in preserving cardiorespiratory function, joint mobility and muscle elasticity. Above all, in those moments when we spend a lot of time at home, having an active routine, with stretches or specific toning exercises, will be of great help ”.

But before taking action, these are some general recommendations that the expert remembers not to forget.

Toning exercises routine

As we said, it is common for people with cancer to experience a loss of muscle mass due to cancer treatments, especially chemotherapy and radiotherapy. For this reason, physical activity should include, along with aerobic activity, such as walking or going up and down stairs, exercises to work strength to avoid the loss of muscle tissue.

Finally, other types of exercises that we can include to complete the routines are balance exercises, such as walking on tiptoe or standing with one support. This will also help us avoid falls and at the same time stretch our muscles.


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