The best cancer clinics and cancer doctors in Germany

If you or a close relative has cancer, you want the best possible treatment. You will quickly learn that you are largely free to choose the clinic. The decision is therefore up to you or the person concerned. When choosing, don’t just pay attention to the reputation of the doctor and the clinic or the equipment, but also the distance. Long distances increase the burden, especially when the patient is not feeling well. The costs also increase if accompanying persons have to take care of accommodation near the clinic themselves. In order to be certified as a clinic for cancer patients, at least two types of cancer must be treated there.

These distinctions are important to you

A university clinic is a clinic that is assigned to a university.
Oncology centers are facilities that specialize in the treatment of cancer and meet certain criteria. This includes a comprehensive quality management system and at least two certified organ centers. The offers then also include psychological care and aftercare.

Cancer clinics with the best reputation and the best cancer doctors

A distinction must be made between top oncological centers and certified cancer clinics. A total of 43 centers in Germany are regarded as leaders in the treatment of cancer and are certified accordingly. The German Cancer Society is responsible for certification. The clinics can be found throughout Germany.

The most important oncological centers

Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center Berlin

The clinic works closely with various specialists who come from different disciplines. It is the central point of contact for tumor patients. The Charité is known for new methods of diagnosis and therapy through research work. Attention is also paid to prevention, e.g. B. in the form of series of lectures. The Charité consists of five clinics and two institutes.


University Cancer Center Dresden

The clinic works in an interdisciplinary manner in various fields in research and treatment. Cancer patients are cared for in the centers for breast cancer, prostate cancer, gynecological cancers, visceral cancers, skin cancer and sarcomas.


University Hospital Düsseldorf

The university clinic focuses on the modern form of cancer treatment. The institute works with its own tumor outpatient clinic and advises patients in advance, even if the findings are unclear. Research and training are another focus. In cancer therapy, the center is available to its patients for a variety of cancers. The clinic also covers the treatment of tumors in children.


university hospital Erlangen

The Erlangen University Hospital is also one of the top centers. All types of tumors are treated here, which is possible through the collaboration of the various experts. The therapies are individual and are tailored to the needs of the patient.


West German tumor center Essen

In the tumor center in the Ruhr area, tumor diseases are diagnosed with molecular imaging. The aim is to make a diagnosis as early as possible so that, at best, harbingers of cancer can be identified. Almost all types of cancer are treated for which the necessary diagnostic options and treatment options are available.


University Center for Tumor Diseases Frankfurt

In this center, experts deal intensively with new processes. Diagnostics, therapy and patient care are guaranteed at a high level. The clinic is well networked and complies with the existing guidelines, which are constantly updated.


Tumor center Freiburg CCCF

Doctors from various disciplines are available to treat tumor patients. The decision for therapy is made jointly at tumor conferences and individually adjusted. The tumor center is also a contact point for self-help groups and doctors from the region.


Hubertus Wald Tumor Center University Cancer Center Hamburg

As with many clinics, treatment options also include the option of providing a second opinion. Systemic therapy, surgical, endoscopic and radiological therapy are available to patients who choose this tumor center.


National Center for Tumor Diseases Heidelberg

The center has its own tumor outpatient clinic and a day clinic. The offer applies to patients who would like a second opinion or who want to be advised. In addition, they receive therapy optimally tailored to their illness in the clinic.


Center for integrated oncology Cologne / Bonn

In addition to comprehensive treatment options for various types of cancer, this center offers additional support. These are experienced nurses who are available to the patient as permanent contacts right from the start. They ensure smooth and patient-friendly transitions between the different stations.


University Center for Tumor Diseases Mainz

The clinic works according to the latest guidelines and treatment options. The experts are also involved in the research so that they can be available to the patient to the best of their knowledge. The center also manages the German Childhood Cancer Registry.


Comprehensive Cancer Center Munich

The CCC Munich relies on the close integration of research and practice. The center has excellent facilities, which are expanded by the central institute of the TU Munich. This means that the center also has excellent research infrastructures at its disposal. The treatments are discussed and decided in interdisciplinary conferences.


Comprehensive Cancer Center Tübingen-Stuttgart (Southwest German Tumor Center)

In the Southwest German Tumor Center, patients are accompanied and cared for through complete therapy. This also includes psychotherapeutic support. Therapy based on modern scientific knowledge is available to patients, starting with imaging radiology, radio-oncology with precision radiation and nuclear medicine.


Comprehensive Cancer Center Ulm

The center combines research and practice in tumor diagnosis and treatment. Patients with visceral, breast, skin, head and neck and gynecological tumor diseases are cared for. The center is also competent in the treatment of sarcomas and prostate cancer.


Comprehensive Cancer Center Mainfranken in Würzburg

The clinic offers interdisciplinary health care for cancer patients from across the region. The treatment plan is created according to the latest research results and tailored precisely to the needs of the patient. The facility cooperates with specialists from the region.


Specialists in cancer clinics

Specialists of the best reputation are employed in the top oncological centers . The exchange of doctors among each other in the context of tumor conferences also guarantees that the doctors are faced with the decision to choose a therapy based on an exchange of experience and can thus ensure the best treatment for the patient.

Additional cancer centers can be found via the oncoMAP of the German Cancer Society.

Rehabilitation comes after therapy

Rehabilitation measures can help you to find your way back to everyday life after the hardships of cancer treatment. In the article  Rehabilitation Clinics for Cancer Patients , we have put together tips for finding a suitable clinic.

Germany is considered to be very progressive in cancer research. The luck of having a specialist close to where you live is granted to very few patients. Arrivals and additional discussions with specialists quickly become a financial burden. Such costs are not covered by the health insurance if there is a specialist clinic nearby that could also do this work. Additional insurance such as dread disease insurance can provide valuable support here.


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