Keys to cope with the loss of a loved one

Christmas is socially presented as a time full of happiness, Christmas carols, gifts … However, for many people it is a difficult time that carries mixed feelings of sadness, anguish, nostalgia or irritability. Thus, the memories of the loss of a loved one can increase and the feeling of loneliness is accentuated . Especially if it is the first Christmas we spent without that person.

Psychological support for mourning at Christmas

The indicated dates, such as Christmas, birthdays or holidays, are especially painful moments that, however, we can learn to manage.

To better Christmas without a loved one , the AECC team of psycho-oncologists, through our workshop and activity programs , propose some guidelines for those family members who need psychological support to face grief.

As AECC psycho-oncologist Patrizia Bressanello comes to explain in this video , it is about internalizing that celebrating something is not incompatible with feeling pain. In addition, it reminds us that, despite the fact that society requires overcoming duels in record time, everyone needs their time, depending on the type of loss , the circumstances in which it occurs or the vital moment in which it occurs. find. Scheduling activities, staying busy, seeking support from others, or spending time with those we care about can help us cope better with grief at Christmas .

Grief in children, how to deal with it?

Children will also feel the loss of that important person in their lives and will experience a grief, which does not have to be the same or similar to what we adults experience. It is very important that you are not left out of pain . Although it is painful and difficult, we should encourage them to express what they feel, and participate by remembering the loved one through some family activity. Remember that the child finds in the adult a mirror in which to look . Therefore, it is up to us to help them normalize this process.


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