Cost of mammography screening

Mammography screening is a nationwide program to diagnose breast cancer as early as possible. Which women are involved in this program depends on several requirements. This also includes the frequency of mammography and the question of the assumption of costs.

Sequence of a mammography screening

Mammography screening was developed to detect breast cancer early. It is intended for women older than 50 and at most 69 years old. The reason is that this age group is particularly at risk of developing breast cancer. Of course, women who have abnormalities or who have breast cancer are given intensive care. The screening is intended to cover women who would otherwise be treated too late. Early detection of breast cancer greatly increases the chances of recovery .

During the examination, two X-rays are taken per breast. The picture is taken from above and one from the side. The breast is pressed between two plexiglass panes so that the images are as revealing as possible and the exposure to radiation remains low. The exam can also be painful. The examination is carried out as gently as possible. Following the examination, the recordings are assessed independently by two experts. If there are any abnormalities, another expert will be consulted. You will be informed of the results of the tests within a week.

Invitation to mammography

The health insurance covers the cost of mammography for women over 50, which can then be used every two years. This does not apply to you if you have had any abnormalities that require closer monitoring. You will receive the invitation for the examination without you having to do anything. Regardless of whether you have already received this invitation, you can make an appointment for a mammogram yourself when you have reached the required age. It is also not necessary to submit a transfer. If it turns out after the mammography that further examinations are necessary, these costs will also be covered by the health insurance.

Requirements for health insurance to cover costs

When it comes to the cost of mammography, there are differences from health insurance to health insurance. If you are between 50 and 69 years old, it does not matter which health insurance company you belong to. It doesn’t matter if you have special risk factors and your doctor sees the need for mammography. The health insurance companies adhere to their respective guidelines, but they are flexible, take into account the doctor’s assessment and their personal case. So there are always individual decisions. Of course, you can also submit an application for reimbursement of costs to the health insurance company if you want a mammogram and your doctor does not see the need. You also have the option to change doctors if you feel like

Often, it is not just a doctor who is involved in deciding whether you need mammography. Health insurance companies usually follow this recommendation, because early detection is also in their interest. But if you make the decision for yourself, e.g. B. Because you are particularly worried due to experiences from the environment or because a tumor has been discovered in you and you want clarity about the course, please apply to your health insurance provider. Experts will use your personal situation to check whether:

  • the severity of the disease justifies the examination,
  • her mental state requires examination,
  • the stage of the disease requires examination,
  • the investigation improves your forecast.

The procedure applies not only to diagnosed or suspected breast cancer. There is z. If, for example, the suspicion that skin cancer is developing, the doctors decide according to the same procedure.

GKV decision to take over

Other factors can also contribute to how health insurance companies decide. If there is a need for mammography abroad, you should always contact your health insurance provider beforehand. Take into account that not every doctor has the technical prerequisite to be able to correctly interpret the results of mammography. Keep in mind that the mammography screening program is also the result of a variety of misdiagnoses. Today, the investigation is in the hands of experts who work with the statutory health insurance.

Do you have to pay for the mammography screening yourself?

If there is no medical need for mammography screening, but you still want the examination, you can cover the costs yourself. The costs are comparatively low. Expect around 90 to 119 euros. Nevertheless, talk to the health insurance company in advance and have radiological practices recommended, in which the doctors have the appropriate additional qualifications. Then clarify with practice what costs you will have to pay. The doctors have the right to adjust the fees within the framework of the fee schedule. If you are privately insured, it always makes sense to inquire about the costs of the mammography screening beforehand. This way you know the amount you have to pay in advance before you can submit the invoice.


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