Cancer support groups and patient associations

The attending doctors are the most important contacts for patients and relatives. In the case of cancer, a network of supportive helpers also applies. They are available not only to the patient, but also to relatives and partners with advice and action. While self-help groups mostly support depending on the type of cancer, patient associations are contact persons in the areas of patient care and communication with doctors and health insurance companies.

Self-help groups provide valuable support

Joining a support group is a voluntary decision. They can be organized privately and work well without a recognizable structure. But there is also an association with professional support. For patients and their families who have no experience in nursing care or who are not very familiar with insurance, experienced contacts are a valuable help. The support begins with all necessary information about rights and obligations. However, it also includes personal support and care instructions. Hand movements have to be learned. Knowledge of the various aids that make everyday life with seriously ill patients easier and safer must also be imparted. This is often not possible during a hospital stay, but must take place in the home environment. There is emotional support not only for the patients, but also for relatives. Everyone has to learn that they have the right to worry-free time off to gain strength.

Find support group

The medical service is a good contact for those affected to find out about the various self-help groups. It is important that the participants are easily accessible and, above all, represented regionally. Affected parties should clarify the question of costs when using offers. Much can be covered by the health insurance companies. However, this does not apply to all additional offers that can still be helpful. Other contacts are the umbrella organizations of the respective self-help groups. Self-help groups remain the contact persons for as long as those affected wish. If the disease takes a life-shortening course, the contact does not have to break off. This also applies to recovery.

Patient associations as contact persons

Initially, it is not easy for those affected to regulate everything that needs to be clarified in the case of cancer. Disputes can also follow. Discrepancies with doctors, the administration of the clinics or the health insurance companies cause a multitude of open questions. But questions about new or additional medical procedures also pose difficult challenges for patients and their families. The associations can provide valuable support. The seriousness of the association is the most important requirement. Therefore, those affected should ask around and be recommended to an association. Here, too, the question of costs should be clarified as soon as possible to avoid unpleasant surprises.


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